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How it works

On your every sold Traveling voucher Card you shall earn profit of US$ 5
And on your sale of two Traveling voucher Card to your family members or friends you shall earn profit of US$ 30
Therefore on these two sales your total earned profit is US$ 40

Please note either you sold the Traveling voucher Card or old members or new joining members do it you shall earn profit for ever continually

Then on each bunch of six sold Traveling voucher Cards  you shall earn US$ 30 each time.
And you shall earn US$ 5.00 on each introduced sale therefore you shall earn on these six sold Traveling voucher Cards  another US$ 30 (5X6=30$)
Therefore these six Traveling voucher Cards  sale you shall earn total profit of US$ 60

Now combining your first two sales and next six sales we notice on these little 8 sales your earned profit is US$ 100

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